“Only the Best for your Best Friends” This has been ‘Aunty Veronica’ and her family’s mantra for the last 17 years and we are extremely proud of the fact that everyone in Aunty Veronica’s immediate family (MichaelRhiannon, Grace,& Solly) are involved in the quality care provided at CalmDog! Yes, we are a small ‘boutique’ family run Doggie Care/Boarding service provider!

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we have just been awarded :

Best Dog Holiday Kennel – Hunter Valley
Australian Enterprise Awards 2017

We are not just ‘Doggie Lovers’ we are ‘All Animal Lovers!’ We have Horses, Cows & Steers, Calves (none of which can be sent to saleyard as they are pets and paddock grass munchers) and of course the very famous ‘Willis’ the Pig (who thinks he is just one of the dogs!). Plus we have regular visits from’ Pedro’ the possum, and many stunning and rare frogs.

During the last 17 years we have always believed that every dog is an individual and we have the knowledge, understanding, and skills to provide a safe, happy and enjoyable experience for each individual doggie. Our clients who have been coming to CalmDog with their 3rd and 2nd generation of doggies are a testament to this. While most doggies are very happy in their kennel section, it is very common to find doggies with ‘special – needs’ sleeping on our beds, lounges, and enclosed verandahs in our house. Whatever it takes to bring one contentment and happiness to the soul! Many people and their doggies have become real close friends to Veronica and in turn ‘go right out of their way for each other’. It is beautiful to witness!  A huge ‘Thank You’ to all these fabulous people and their fantastic doggies!

Our very reasonable rates
$30 per day (1 dog)
$50 per day (2 dogs from same family)
$65 (3 dogs from same family)

At CalmDog we believe everything (such as play, pats, exercise, treats, tummy-rubs, ear scratches, admin of medications, special diets etc.) and access to our new Fun Park is just simply part of the service we naturally provide. So of course no extra charge for any of these provisions.

Kind Regards
Veronica, Michael, Rhiannon, Grace, & Solly